Warm Congratulations to Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Qingdao on the Great Success of the Signing Ceremony

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On August 11, 2018, Fashion - Harmony in Infinity—The Signing Ceremony of Cooperation with Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Qingdao and New Product Conference on Phase-II Oriental Fashion Center was rounded off at the Creative Experience Center in the West Coast New Area of Qingdao. Present at the splendid ceremony were more than one hundred guests, including the owner of Tonino Lamborghini, special guests, authoritative media, the representatives of the cooperative brands of Oriental Fashion Center, and account representatives.

Legendary Brand—Exquisite Life

The ceremony officially began at 2:30pm, and Mr. Wang Lin, General Manager of Chinatex Yilian Fashion Industry Investment Group, gave an opening speech. Mr. Wang extended a warm welcome to the guests present, explained the Oriental Fashion Center’s development idea of “fashion - harmony in infinity”, and thanked the entry of Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Qingdao in the Oriental Fashion Center. Driven by consumption upgrading at present, innovative business models based on new consumption and new retail come out in an unending flow, thus the Oriental Fashion Center is expected to become a place of creation and origin for various new ideas and models. The Oriental Fashion Center looks forward to partnering with all enterprises and businessmen interested in new thoughts and ideas, fashion, creativity and innovation.


Afterwards, WELCOME TO OUR WORLD, a new micro-film produced by Tonino Lamborghini Hotel in 2018, had its Chinese premiere.


Brano J. Svac, Brand Director of Tonino Lamborghini Hotel and Resort in the Asia-Pacific Region, and Ms. Tan Menglin, Product Manager of Tonino Lamborghini Hotel and Resort in the Asia-Pacific Region, briefed the guests on the brand of Tonino Lamborghini Hotel and Resort, which is honored as “motionless Lamborghini”, and introduced to them a new living concept using the creative idea of “perfection, legend and pureness”.

Grand Cooperation begins Gorgeously

Mr. Wang Lin, General Manager of Chinatex Yilian Fashion Industry Investment Group, signed a contract with Brano J. Svac, Brand Director of Tonino Lamborghini Hotel and Resort in the Asia-Pacific Region. Then, Li Shudong, Marketing Vice President of Tonino Lamborghini Hotel and Resort in the Asia-Pacific Region, presented a custom-made bronze bull trophy to the Oriental Fashion Center as a token for project cooperation. He revealed brand’s high importance attached to the Oriental Fashion Center project, and firmly believed that the Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Qingdao would greatly promote the brand development. He hoped that the hotel would open at an early date to bring extremely luxurious accommodation experience to the West Coast New Area and perpetuate the glory of the brand in Qingdao.


Brand Cooperation—Harmony in Infinity

In addition to the Tonino Lamborghini Hotel, the Oriental Fashion Center established cooperation with many other brands, such as the Xinhua Bookstore, New Oriental, Guilai Vegetarian Food, Sweet Corner, Danceland and Wanyue Jewelry. Adhering to the idea of “Fashion - Harmony in Infinity”, the Phase-II Oriental Fashion Center will be built into a social life arena titled “Shanghe LOFT” for new elites to meet the consumption demands of people in the park, around the campus town and West Coast New Area as well as tourists. The brand owners and industry representatives present launched the strategic cooperation together, witnessing the extraordinarily significant moment!


Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Qingdao


The Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Qingdao, located in the start-up zone of Phase-I Oriental Fashion Center in the West Coast New Area of Qingdao, is the first Tonino Lamborghini Hotel in Shandong. The project will be completed and put into use in 2020 as planned. By then, it will become the first international boutique hotel in Qingdao to improve the tourist facilities in the West Coast New Area to enhance the soft power of the Area


The beautiful West Coast New Area of Qingdao is the ninth state-level new area built with the approval of the State Council. In 2017, the West Coast New Area had a permanent resident population of 1.5392 million, and received 22.07 million of domestic and foreign tourists, earning a total tourist income of RMB21.8 billion.


Since the summit of Shanghai Cooperation Organization was rounded off in Qingdao in 2018, the “summit effect” has been constantly expanded in this coastal city, bringing Qingdao new power of opening-up, adding bright luster to its tourism industry.

It’s expected that the New Area’s economic aggregate will have ranked top among the national state-level new areas and size of permanent resident population will have reached 2.4 million or so by 2020. The New Area will become a growth pole of Qingdao’s new regional economic environment to assist Qingdao in developing into an international bay city.


Starting its brand expansion in 2012, the Tonino Lamborghini Hotel and Resort set up its first luxury hotel in Suzhou, followed by Kunshan and Huangshan. Currently, the brand has commenced 18 projects under construction in Mainland China, including Chongqing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Xi’an, Qingdao, Dalian, Xuzhou, Wuxi, Wenzhou, Yixing, Huangshan, Taihangshan and Taihu. All the projects are expected to open before 2020. In addition to two new projects in Siem Reap, the Tonino Lamborghini Hotel and Resort plans to build 12 more new hotel and resort projects in main scenic areas in the East Asia and Southeast Asia like Macau and Saipan in the next few years.

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